Denver Community Launch: Freelancers, Digital Nomads & Flylancers Meetup


Eager to meet new people in Denver? Then join us for an evening of fun, networking games and beers in Co Work’n Denver’s beautiful event space!

Who are we? We’re Flylancer, the largest offline community of remote working freelancers in the world! We’re a volunteer run network of likeminded souls who host regular meetups in over 17 cities across the globe all in the name of good fun and meeting awesome new people like you!

We look a little bit like this:

How does it work? Flylancer and Co Work’n Denver have teamed up to bring together their colourful communities of Freelancers and Digital Nomads for a night of networking. There’ll be plenty of beer, good vibes and, of course, in the spirit of bringing people together, some classic Flylancer ‘no strings attached networking’ games.

Did you say ‘no strings attached’? Yes. You’ll just have to join us and find out more. Intriguing…

Will there be a talk? No, but we’ll host a short group discussion on an interesting topic related to being a Digital Nomad and working independently, led by you guys. We want to hear the thoughts of many, not just one – free speech for all!

Why do we put these on for free? Because we’re a bunch of location independent professionals just like you, who want to make friends! We’ve even built our own community to do it all over the world in Barcelona, London, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Milan, Lyon, New York, Sofia, Chicago and many more… check out more here:

What’s Flylancer? Its a global offline community for remote workers, digital nomads and location independent professionals to meet, share and have fun together all over the world for free.

Want to get involved? If you want to get involved, start your own offline community or curate your own event with our help just get in touch: We’d love to hear from you!

Special thanks to: The wonderful Co Work’n Denver and our new community host Tim Wenger for all their kind support and energy!

Date and time

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


CO Work’n Denver
West 26th Avenue, Lakewood, CO, USA
CO 80215
United States

Tim Wenger

Writer, freelancer and part time punk rocker, Tim is our Flylancer Denver Community Host and he's looking forward to welcoming you all!

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