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Global Community for Remote Workers & Freelancers

We’re the worlds largest offline community for remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads. We meet up every month in cities all over the globe to share stories, advice and have fun together offline. Some call us a cult, others call us a support group – we’re probably somewhere in between.

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Did we mention we’re building something game changing?

Sick of drafting invoices, chasing payments & editing contracts? So are we man.

What does Flylancer do?

We’re a community of remote workers and freelancers, who want to help and connect where ever we go, we’re just like you…

Offline Community

We host free community meetups in 27 cities across the globe, to enjoy the company of likeminded professionals, meet new people, share stories, and shape the future of work together!

Online Community

We use our online community to stay in touch, share advice, projects and to collaborate on remote worker and freelancer resources together. UPDATE: We’ve got some amazing new releases coming!

Online Tools

We build game changing online tools and resources together with our members to truly improve our lives as freelancers. Everything from knowledge resources to payment collection services and community radio stations. 

Where are we?

Find us in: London, Barcelona, Berlin, Lyon, Milan, Sofia, Budapest, Manchester, Porto, Dublin, Madrid, Rosario, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Cape Town, Dublin, Mexico, Tokyo, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Toronto, Montreal, Tokyo, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, + 20 other online communities

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Upcoming Community Meetups

Join us at a local community meetup in your home city. We promise we don’t bite!

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Join Your Local Community

Our communities are made up of some of the most awesome people we know – and they’re free!

London Community

Come together in London's livliest co-working spaces as a coworking community of likeminded and [...]

Barcelona Community

Meeting up in the creative coworking spaces and rooftops of Barcelona for the city's most [...]

Buenos Aires Community

Remote-working capital of the south, our Buenos Aires meetup is an energetic mix of local and [...]

Berlin Community

In tech-capital, Berlin, we bring together Digital Nomads, Location Independent Professionals [...]

Milan Community

Join us in the world's fashion capital, Milan, for a refreshingly laid-back meetup between [...]

Bali Community

Come together in Silicoln Bali, digital nomad mecca of the east, to network with other remote [...]

New York Community

Build valuable connections, a close and supportive network in big city New York - global home [...]

Chicago Community

Get to know other location-independent professionals in Chicago - America's creative hub for [...]

Manchester Community

Connect with likeminded professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs in Manchester - the UK's [...]

Lyon Community

It’s hard working on your own sometimes, so we started a community in Lyon’s most impressive [...]

Sofia Community

Sofia is a little known secret on the Digital Nomad circuit. Flylancer has a large and active [...]

Denver Community

Denver, land of the freelancer and home to one of our most vibrant remote working and [...]

Toronto Community

Our first Canadian Community, Toronto is home to many likeminded freelancers and digital [...]

Tokyo Community

Tokyo, one of the world's most electric cities and top of the list on many Digital Nomad [...]

Budapest Community

Budapest, famous for its architecture and way of life, but did you also know it's home to one [...]

Opening soon: Moscow, Rosario, Paris, Copenhagen, Prague, San Francisco.

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Our Partners and friends:

Join The Fun

We do ‘networking’ a little differently. Our community gatherings take the ‘I’ out of networking – structured and relaxed – they’re the perfect way to make meaningful connections.

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Our Member’s Magazine

Read stories from our community members discussing both the ups and the downs of working remotely and freelancing – the blood, sweat, tears and the breakthroughs. 

What We Believe In

Those who work online in a digital world need offline interaction, support and community, just like everyone else.


Success belongs to those who come together to collaborate, support and help each other.


By bringing awesome people together, we want to encourage remote workers like us to help each other, become friends and let off steam.

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  • RT  @BouyguesAsia : SAVE THE DATE !July 11th from 7PMJoin our afterwork in PLACE2B with  @flylancing  a community of digital nomads & remo… 5 months ago
  • [BARCELONA MEETUP]: Only 1️⃣️ more day till our Flylancer and Norn Summer Party meetup 🍦☀️⛱️ ! If you haven't got y… https://t.co/FMTw1rxwiV 5 months ago
  • It's not too late! You can still RSVP for our  @TOABerlin  satellite event with NORN tonight here:… https://t.co/YyyCwTHAXD 6 months ago
  • We are excited to see you all tonight at our  @TOABerlin  satellite event! There will be food, drinks, and a lot of… https://t.co/Vz1A0xPrvn 6 months ago
  • What a fun week it's been at  @TOABerlin ! We are honored to be hosting a #TOA18 event tonight, June 22nd, with NORN!… https://t.co/dX3ROsJIHM 6 months ago
  • Today is the day! if you are at  @TOABerlin  today, join us at our #TOA18 satellite event tonight, Friday, June 22nd.… https://t.co/ZwBKkH9JyT 6 months ago



Flylancer is the largest offline community of freelancers and remote workers in the world. Make friends with thousands of likeminded independent professionals and freelancers, just like you. Join +2450 other Flylancers by becoming a member: https://goo.gl/V5nmzJMeetup with us in 13 cities across the globe: Barcelona, London, Buenos Aires, Lyon, Milan, Berlin, Budapest, Sofia, Bali, Tokyo, Chicago, Manchester, New York, and counting...
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#Rosario are you ready for our 2nd Meetup? We are just 7 days away and we cannot contain our excitement! 🙉Get excited for all the people you will meet & all the free 🍷you'll drink. It's a free event for digital nomads & freelancers in #Rosario! Join us on 11th of December at La Maquinita Co. Rosario! RSVP@ http://m.me/flylancing?ref=Rosario+December+Meetup+Flylancer

**Remeber to click "Get in touch with Flylancer" to RECEIVE your ticket**
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Today is the day #Mendoza! We have our #LAUNCH and we are so excited to see everyone! 🎉Its at Linka Space Cowork at 7PM! Join us for #freebeer #networking & #fun RSVP@ http://m.me/flylancing?ref=Mendoza+November+Launch+Meetup+Flylancer

**Remeber to click "Get in touch with Flylancer" to recieve your ticket**

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What Members Are Saying

  • "Even if you go once a month to a Flylancer, it helps you realise - Oh my god, I'm not alone in the universe - something it's so easy to forget."

  • "It's the most easily accessible community I know for freelancers. People are always there, always wanting to help, it's always a pleasure and a lot of fun. Thank you!"

  • "You know when you’re working and something happens and you wish you were in an office so you could swivel your chair and just ask someone their opinion? Well, this is the online equivalent."


About Us

We’re a team of location independent entrpreneurs and collectively we’re shaping the future of work. We have a passion for connecting like-minded people and building self-organised communities. Read more..