Meet The Team

Freelancers, designers & innovators,
challenging the future of work.

Our Core Team

We’re a team of location independent professionals and collectively we’re shaping the future of work. From startups to corporate life and NGOs, we are experts from very different walks of life, professions and generations, brought together by a shared passion in community building and the future of work. 

  • Emily Elwes
    Emily Elwes CEO

    With over 8 years of experience in communications, events and startups, Emily has produced everything from content for Airbnb to festivals with over 30,000+ attendees. The face of the Flylancer movement, she is one of the most well connected players in the future of work and always on the move.
    Currently: Barcelona HQ

  • Noah Appel
    Noah Appel CTO

    As an original member of Flylancer and seasoned nomad developer, Noah is the remote work movement. Having spent the last 8 years working for early stage startups in Silicon Valley, Berlin and remotely across the globe, excels helping product teams & engineers understand each other and demystifying tech. Currently: Mexico City, Mexico

  • Timuchin Cakir
    Timuchin Cakir CGO

    Having spent the last 10 years specialising in a powerful combination of sales and digital marketing – Tim is one of the very few that truly deserves the title ‘Growth Hacker’. An energetic and regular public speaker, Tim lives and breaths for helping companies, teams and individuals grow. Currently: Barcelona, Spain

  • Anthony Fox-Davies
    Anthony Fox-Davies COO

    An early advocate for remote working culture, Anthony manages intercontinental remote teams and is a vocal champion for distributed work forces. As chief of operations Anthony has over 16 years experience managing the development of online platforms for multi-million dollar brands and charities.
    Currently: Barcelona HQ

  • Katie Jones
    Katie Jones Partnerships

    A living, breathing digital nomad, Katie has an extensive career in marketing and partnerships. As head of partnerships she connects CEOs, industry executives and public sector leaders in the travel and future of work industry at global summits in Asia, the USA, and for Flylancer.
    Currently: Barcelona HQ

  • Andrea Rocca
    Andrea Rocca Development

    The technical mastermind on the team, Andrea is a multitalented back-end/ front-end developer and expert in digital marketing, he brings a wealth of experience having worked with the likes of Dell, Netgear and Criteo. At Flylancer his responsibility is taking the community online and supporting digital growth.
    Currently: Somewhere in SE Asia

  • Madeline Johnson
    Madeline Johnson Digital Marketing

    An early-comer to the Digital Nomad movement, Madeline has been an active champion of the cause since her graduate days. A natural communicator, Madeline excels in the crossroads between digital strategy and producing genuinely engaging content for our Member’s Magazine and other community initiatives. Currently: San Diego, California

  • Gesa Körte
    Gesa Körte Community

    Passionate about the power of a self-organised community, Gesa dedicates her time to getting under the skin of our members and how we can serve them best. From coordinating TEDxs to managing communities for the betahaus franchise, Gesa knows what it takes to grow an impactful network.
    Currently: Berlin

  • Maxime Gaye
    Maxime Gaye Data Strategy

    With a strong financial background, Maxime makes figures speak for themselves and believes strongly in the power of data driven companies and digitalisation in fostering creative business solutions. Having worked with large international groups such as Zodiac Aerospace and Dassault Rafale in both Europe and the US, data complexity is his bread and butter. Currently: Barcelona HQ

Our Community Hosts

Every Flylancer community is led and nurtured by our local community hosts – or as we like to think of them – the beating hearts of the movement. Outgoing individuals who are as passionate about connecting like-minded people as we are, they are the leaders of the movement, and form a family of some of the most well-connected and well-meaning individuals in the industry.

  • Yuko Sakazaki
    Yuko Sakazaki Tokyo Community Host

    A digital native, Yuko hasn’t only travelled the web, but a lot of the world. Multiple linguist, Yuko is inspired by different ways of living and working. She hopes to bring digital nomadism and a sense of professional community to Japan.

  • Tim Wenger
    Tim Wenger Denver Community Host

    Writer, freelancer and punk rockers, Tim is our Denver Flylancer community host and has a passion for bringing great people together. If he’s not busy hosting meetups you can find him on stage speaking about the mysteries of the music industry.

  • Taryn McKay
    Taryn McKay Toronto Community Host

    Developer, business head and avid traveller, Taryn is always on the move. A true pioneer of the burgeoning solopreneur Digital Nomad movement, much of her time is spent helping other freelancers grow their client rosters into small agencies like hers whilst on the road.

  • Rusty Hitt
    Rusty Hitt Chicago Community Host

    Master Rhetorician, Rusty spent many years living and travelling the world, especially in Asia. Fired up about the future of work Rusty wants to unite independent professionals in Chicago

  • Oleg Giberstein
    Oleg Giberstein London Community Host

    The life and soul of any party, Oleg is a passionate advocate for better networking and independence. Always wanting to help and not resting until he does, Oleg’s infamy as a connector proceeds him.

  • Metodi Tzanov
    Metodi Tzanov Sofia Community Host

    A free soul at heart, Metodi loves the concept of working remotely and combining that with travelling and meeting exciting people. He is passionate about outdoor sports and is currently working as an economist and product manager for a macroeconomic consultancy based in Sofia.

  • Martina Eco
    Martina Eco London Community Host

    An expert in self branding, a long time freelance translator, and a bundle of energy. Martina believes strongly in bringing people together and the power of real life connections.

  • Mari Tilena
    Mari Tilena Milan Community Host

    Spending half her week in Milan, and the other in Barcelona, Mari is leaving proof that remote working can give you freedom. Endlessly energetic, Mari is a tireless advocate for professional independence in Italy.

  • Ina Danova
    Ina Danova Sofia Community Host

    A woman of the world, Ina has lived and travelled the world. Freelancing on her own steam she wants to gather the growing community of nomads based in Sofia and prove that it is a cosmopolitan city just like London or New York!

  • Hayley Weatherburn
    Hayley Weatherburn Bali Community Host

    Having has lived in various corners of the world and mastered many professions, Hayley spends her time helping entrepreneurs automate their businesses and bringing people together in paradise!

  • Hailey Miller
    Hailey Miller New York Community Host

    Always on the move, Hailey has just recently broken away from a corporate career to forge her own path. What gets her up in the morning? Helping people connect in a more personal, authentic way.

  • Guillermo Gónzalez
    Guillermo Gónzalez Lyon Community Host

    A remote working dad, Guillermo is well seasoned traveller, having lived in places all over Europe. When he’s not busy working from home, he’s getting knee deep in grass-roots communities and developing.

  • Georgina Tofé
    Georgina Tofé BA Community Host

    Flylancer’s first community host outside of Europe, aside from her endless good will and energy, Georgina works everyday from her home office as a freelance Marketing expert.

  • Alexandra Singer
    Alexandra Singer Manchester Community Host

    Passionate advocate of freelancing and the incredible freedom it can bring. Alex translates professionally and spends her spare hours campaigning and helping those with disabilities fight for improved conditions. Read her story here.

Start Your Own Grass-Roots Community

If you’re an independent worker and wants connect likeminded professionals by growing a grass-roots community in your city, we can help you. We’re always on the look out for energetic connectors with a similar mindset to ours! 

Where it all Began

It started with just a humble idea, 10 friends in a room and a pack of post-its. Having admitted to ourselves that working independently was a labour of love, and at times a lonely game, we imagined a world in which wherever we went we would have access to a supportive network of friends and coworkers.


We imagined a world in which we could share our everyday professional worries, give each other advice and have fun with likeminded individuals. We imagined a world  in which we could bring the human element back into our digital careers and even collaborate to shape the future of our professions. We imagined a world in which being an independent professional didn’t have to be entirely independent, but instead thrived off community and collectivism. 


That was in June 2016 and since then Flylancer has grown far and wide, amassing thousands of members across the globe who thought the same as us.

We’re Always On The Lookout For Talent

Passionate about community, innovation and want to help us navigate the future of work? We want to hear from creative minds and technical geniuses who aren’t afraid to take on challenges and get stuck in. Just reach out to us directly with your CV.