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Welcome to the world's first Flylancer Community

We’re building the world’s first global community for location independent professionals & digital nomads to meet, share and have fun together from home and across the globe.


We host free community events in our home cities so that we can exchange and enjoy each others company over delicious free beers!

Then What?

We hook up with each other in our online community so we can stay in touch, share interesting cat gifs, job opportunities & advice.

Who Are We?

We’re remote workers, digital nomads, online freelancers, online entrepreneurs, location independent workers & flylancers. We’re you!

Join the cult *ehem, we mean the community:


 1. We believe in inspiring, supporting & having fun with each other as professionals & as like-minded human beings across the globe.

2. We believe that the best relationships are built offline & maintained online. Not the other way around.

3. We believe that by creating our own global community built on goodwill, fun & shared knowledge we can shape the future of work together, for the better.

“It’s somewhere between a support group & a cult for Digital Nomads…”

Barcelona Flylancer – Greg McIvor

Member Blog Posts

Read some of our latest member blog posts on living and working as Location Independent professionals & Digital Nomads.

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What Members Are Saying:

Flylancer is a 100% member-led community, meaning that members are building and shaping the project from across the globe together.

They dedicate their enthusiasm, skills and time to developing Flylancer towards becoming something that every single location independent member is excited to be a part of. The sky is the limit.

Becoming location-independent isn't easy, but it's great to connect with others and share experiences in a fun environment and get involved in the community!
Greg McIvorBarcelona Flylancer
I've really enjoyed being a part of creating something so interesting with other people who share the same values with me. Together we can achieve so much!
Danielle CarlsonBarcelona Flylancer
There are so many of us working our way around Europe, all on our own! Wouldn't it be great if we all came together in one big, beautiful community?
Emily ElwesBarcelona Host
Being part of a community of likeminded people who are able to support each other from anywhere makes this lifestyle choice so much more rewarding!
Anna JagričLondon Host
Nice to find a supportive network of people in both cities who are experiencing similar life-changing moments and trying to work it out together whilst having fun!
Julia LiebichBarcelona - Berlin Flylancer
I really enjoy feeling like I'm part of something bigger, a community of interesting people where we can share and collaborate, even actively create our own events where we can help each other.
Rachel CruickshankLondon Flylancer